Simpl CryoCap™
Simpl CryoCap™
Simpl CryoCap™

Simpl CryoCap™

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Quickly relieves pain and inflammation with 360° Cryotherapy (cold therapy). Or, throw the Simpl Theracap  in the microwave to help remedy a head cold or the flu with Thermotherapy (heat therapy).

"It's like putting your headache on ice. Incredible how fast this cap works!"

  • Soothes headaches & migraines
  • Blocks out light and calms anxiety
  • Uses Cryogel™ for long lasting relief
  • Pillow-like silky soft material
  • 100% money-back guarantee


If it Hurts, CryoCap™ Can Help... 

Made to relieve the 6 most common causes of headaches and pain.

Headache Relief In 5 Minutes!

Fast relief when you need it most. Wear CryoCap™ it as a headband, or pull it down over your eyes and rest easy.

Cold or Hot Therapy

Use cold therapy for headaches, or hot therapy to relieve sinus pressure and soothe a head cold. Unlimited uses for whatever life throws at you.